Who are the spirit guides?

Kirk asks for more information about who these spirit guides are. He says, ” I have never really seen you mention ‘who’ is talking and I wonder if questions are answered by different guides by the way they are kind of answered differently.”

This is the truth, my dear. We are separate entities, as you are. We are individuals with our own processes, our own evolution, our own growth. We have come to the time when we no longer fit vibrationally in the physical world, but our domain still evolves and grows. Each being

has many [guides] at a time, but always has one. And these [guides] are unique but often share many of the traits with the loved ones they help. There are also those [guides]called universal, or simply the most evolved beings. These are ones that are not contained at any one time but have great diversity. You will find the wisdom they share gives you a greater perspective. Some of the very personal entities [guides] that are with you may seem almost like your best friend. Fear not, for a guide will always speak positive and will always be in the position to help you, to assist you in furthering your growth. If you think the words are negative they should not be used to cause an action of growth, for they [your guides] will never be against you. They will always be for you.

Joanna’s comment:
Hi Kirk, this is a great question.  The guide’s answer above addresses some of what you ask and also talks about people’s individual guides.  The answer here may be a little confusing because the guide uses the term “beings” for both people and guides.  I’ve put some clarification in square brackets above where I felt it might help.
When Jane channels there are usually a couple of different energies that speak through her.  I would say there are about four or five different guides that have come through at different times to respond to questions.  Some of them seem to be more lofty and evolved and others may be more connected to our day to day life. Although the answers have different approaches it’s my belief that all of the guides offer truth and help for the person who asks the question, as well as for others who read the interaction.

But we always tell people that they must allow the answer to sit with them and take from it what feels right for them personally.  There is a lot of wisdom in what comes through but it’s only helpful when you’re individually ready to hear it.  If it doesn’t resonate, just let it go.  Hope this helps.

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