How to contact one’s guide


Colin writes:

Hi. I’m just taking a chance here, but is there anyone who can tell me my spirit guide’s name and the best way to contact or ask my guide questions?  I also wonder if I have anyone wanting to talk to me on the other side, if you can tell what are they saying. I want to feel my guides around me, I just don’t know how.

The guide’s response:

Well dearest one, I’ll take a chance with you. You have with you at this time six amazing beings of light. One, I will tell you, is a Franciscan monk. Now, it would not possible for me to give you a name, for we no longer have names when we are in spirit. We are a vibrational sound and it would sound quite silly, to you I’m sure. But if you find yourself humming, don’t be surprised if within those sounds isn’t one of the ones that is his.

How to communicate? Well, by posing questions. Find out how you would like to communicate with them.  Some people like to ask for a sign, whether it be a penny on the road or a feather floating down, a leaf, a bug, a bird. There are so many different ways.

If an unexpected something is before you, that could be your sign. But you must choose it. It must be your communication with them, and theirs with you.  They probably have already tried many different ways. Hunches, feelings, a sense of uneasiness, a tingling of skin…  All of these things I’m sure you have already felt. We do try very hard to communicate. Trust in them, that they will find a way if you are open to it.

But don’t say you are open if you are actually afraid. That is part of why you have not yet had communication. And it does not need to be in the dark, or a bump in the night. For their purpose is of love, my dear, growth and love. Their purpose is not to scare you, that would not help you grow.

I think you have a lovely sense of humour and I trust that they know this and will help you. And you will be able to have great and wonderful growth, knowing that they are with you. Bless you.

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