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Beautiful German ShepherdMike is asking about his rescue german shepherd dog. He says: Are we missing anything health wise? He is so hard to stabilize medically.  Why has he had hot spots and itchy skin for the past month? Wrong diet? Poor liver functioning? He’s had high liver enzyme readings, urine stone obstructions, vomiting and a gastric bleed both related to pain med intolerance.

I just never know if he’s getting better or about to get worse really quickly again. Any insight would be appreciated. 

The guide’s response:

What you’re experiencing, dearest one, is the coming full circle of the deep trauma this being experienced.  It has to work its way out.  These creatures do not have voices to tell you what the past experiences were.  So what is filtering out of this little body is all the pain, all the trauma, all the loneliness, and the inability to understand the lack of love.  This little one (well, you might not think little but I do) has come to you for you also know pain and loneliness and the two of you can bring joy to each other.

What you are missing is sheer joy, pure light and love.  Use as little chemical as possible for this one.  Treat this one as you would a fine baby. Give pure clean food unadulterated by any chemicals, things that a canine would eat, water, pure, no chlorine, filtered if possible.  And lots of laughter and fun.

As to the hot spots, give him deep massage.  He needs to be touched, to feel like a puppy. Massage his paws and his ears and around his mouth.

Oh dear gentle one, nothing is being missed other than love—and you know that is there.  Stop worrying… and start having more laughter.  You don’t laugh enough, gentle being. You fuss, you worry.  Could he be manifesting some of your inabilities to speak?  When the two of you are nervous and afraid, hold on.  There is amazing healing at hand.  Be not afraid.

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