A daughter’s concern with her Mother’s choices


Itsme11 – The new man in my mother’s life worries me. I am uncomfortable around him and I am uncomfortable with their plans of having children. The whole situation seems strange. I feel out of place and not part of anything. Something isn’t right, they are moving too fast, and I’m forced to accept so many changes all at once.

What a wonderful wise being you are.  By the time you receive this answer, many things may have changed, but I hope not you.  You have such wisdom to look upon these things in your life with a maturity and a kindness and you have deep love for your mother.  But you also know her loneliness and you fear that you will be replaced.  I will tell you, my dear, it is not so and it will not happen.

It is most important that your thoughts and your feelings be heard.  But in order to feel comfortable speaking them, you must first speak other than your mother or her friend.  You must speak with them with someone you feel safe with, who will not judge you, a real person, face to face.  I feel there are tears you need to cry or wants you need to feel.  There are beings in your life that will hear you and not judge you. They do not give you an opinion of what they believe.  You need to be heard.  In time you will need to say it without anger, or sadness, or fear to your mother but in a calm way, a gentle way, a loving way.

Please, dearest, know that you are surrounded by beautiful beings of light.  You might call them spirits or angels.  They are with you and you can talk with them, you may even hear an answer if you are still and quiet.  The most important thing is to find a being that you can trust to speak about this.

It will help you.  It will help you, my dear.

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