Seeking communication with spirit

DaisySWIM – I cant wait to communicate with spirit! I am asking for your help. How can I fine tune?

You are attuned just fine, my dear.  The communion you have with the entities you have around you are very unique just between you and them.

You must choose perhaps something unexpected that they can use and this must be a communion only they and you know.  It can be spoken out loud through your heart and mind, they shall hear it.

As you wish to speak with many in spirit which you are already doing, but wish more clarity, you must speak out loud with your desire and intend your whole body as a receiver for them to speak with you with.   Personal guides, or entities, or angels or whatever you wish to call them will create a form of language between you and them.  But the entities that are not of your own personal growth, will find a way to speak to you usually through skin rushes, tingling, a knowing, a sensation, hot hands, itch palms or some will hear the direct message.  In order to hear them, you must be still and you must ask and then be open and when you hear to be brave enough to say it.  That is where the greatest work comes, you know this my dear.

You have your own inner words.  Yes, you are a creative being, but not so creative. Speak the words you hear and trust they are for those you ask.  You must also remember if you need fine tuning it is the path of least resistance, going with the flow, feeling the touch.  Your world will often speak of rituals and ceremony and this is not necessary to talk to the energies of one, the many, God, the spirit.

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