Elizabeth – Dear Ladies and Guides, when I was very young I started looking for Atlantis, however I wasn’t aware that ‘Atlantis’ was its name, but I looked for it on every map I came across thinking that all maps were different. When I realized that the place was known as Atlantis I was able to ask my mother. She told me it was just a legend and
that it wouldn’t show on the map, I was very sad and somehow alarmed. I then started remembering Lemuria, I still feel this sadness for it, however not like Atlantis. Could you please tell me what happened to both and my connection to them? Thank you!

Yes, dearest one, there are others that have lived in that time that are now present in your physical world too, but not very many now. Your physical world (the creation of the  physical, the slow moving molecules, the creation with which to learn in) has been created and destroyed many times–many times, destroyed by the actions of those that were present in at that time.  This amazing globe that is so pliable and forgiving has had many forms. There are many stories in your world that have some basis of reality but are lost in the mists of time, your linear time that you see things at a distance. But you have the present knowledge now that you are present in so hold that, dear, and know that it wasn’t that different than the world you are in now. That only through the story telling it
holds the special light. That special light is present in your world now, a pliable, creative force for you to learn with.   You have knowledge of having wings and yet you know this body holds them not, but your spirit flies. The magic is present in that amazing place called belief. Bless you, my dear, for there was and there still are such places of light.