Feeling uncomfortable in social situations

J writes, “I  am wondering if you could help me figure out why I do not enjoy being in social situations. I often dread doing things or going places where I need to make conversation, and most times would prefer to be alone.  Is it because I feel so ugly most of the time? Or is it something else? Thank you so much for this opportunity to ask.

Firstly, let me say there is nothing about you that is ugly, my dear. You are a beautiful being, a brilliant light, a wonderful, gentle and a very evolved soul.  Very evolved souls never want to be in a large crowd as they are far too intuitive as they hear and feel everyone’s thoughts and feelings.  It has nothing to do with your own being. It has to do with other beings’ nervousness, judgment and fear and most of the conversation is idle chatter and so of course, you feel uncomfortable in most places.

I want you to understand who you are.  You are a very old soul and you have lived many lifetimes.  You have seen much of this nonsense come time and time again and so you are not so impressed by it. Because your light is so bright there are many that want to be near you as they are attracted to you.  You see my dear, you are brilliant, you are beautiful.  Your light is so bright.  They will want you in all of that nonsense even though you do not have much desire for it because you see them.  You are not affected by all of this nonsense except this little self, this light when it comes on when you are in the middle of all of that.  Truthfully, I believe you are picking up what other beings feel. So, do not worry.  You are a beautiful being.  Bless you my child.

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    I am being true to myself now. What is the career direction for my energies and what future endeavours would be best for my spiritual development.

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