My adopted daughter was abandoned by her parents.  As I am in my 70s she is afraid of losing me to death and thus, effectively, being abandoned again.  Can I tell her that love, like other forms of energy, is eternal…that when I leave this plane my love will still surround her and I will never desert her?  I know that she would LIKE to hear that, but can I tell her it is TRUE?

Yes, my dearest Pam.  Of course you can tell her this.   Please tell her with love.  Speak to this blessed child about how wonderful she is, how giving of light and beauty.  Tell her  that she need not worry of ever losing anyone.  The love that surrounds her will be there forever.  There is plenty of time and she need not worry at all.  It is only that right now that she is in a state of anxiety.   Speak of trust and permanence and that there is always love.  The child wants to know why she was abandoned.  This is not an answer the mother can now give except to understand that people have difficult times.  The child needs to learn about being willing to forgive, not only her parents, but also herself.  For she thinks that in some way she created this event, this abandonment.

This is so common with children that they feel responsible for whatever happens.  They think it is because of them.

Yes, too much talk is not a good thing at this time.  But the right phrase at the right moment, pure and sweet.  Say that they were confused and they did not understand how much love this beautiful being was to them.  That she should forgive them.  When she does think about them to think about light and love to heal them. And to heal herself, for she in no way caused this to happen.  She came as a gift to the adoptive mother and how thankful she is for this gift.