Wanting to be together with her family

Gayatri writes, “I am married to a wonderful man and have a daughter. I have been extremely frustrated and sad over the past couple of years. I have had to send my daughter away from us to live with her grandparents because of our work schedules. My daughter left when she was 1 year old. We miss her terribly.

I am also going back to school at this time and so is my husband. I am sad because my family is going to be separated even more now, with my husband being in another state, and my daughter continuing to live in a different country. I have little option at this time but to go on with my studies. I just want to have a happy little family and want to have another baby too. When will we be a family again? I want for my husband and child to be happy and healthy and for us to be together soon. Please help me spirit guide.”
Dearest one, these were not choices you have made.   These were conditions that were set upon you by ancient ways and this is not your choice.  So, how do you alleviate this?  By making a choice.   By saying, “I want this, or I need to do this.”  These attitudes have been set upon you by fear.  You had the fear and so you accepted when was said that it must be done this way.  All these are conditions for a day that is yet to be, but you want to live in the moment, in the here and now, experiencing all things.

Regarding your wish for another baby, yes, there are beings that have conceived with you.  Spiritual conception takes place long before the physical conception so I am not surprised you are feeling like nesting and wanting very much all of this. You are probably having great difficulty staying on task with your studies.  You are a very intelligent being, but you need to make a choice as to what it is you truly need to do now.

Your your mate loves you dearly and also feels manipulated by many truths that are not his.  Oh, I know you are afraid.  I know you want to know a time when things might change.  But that is up to you, my dearest. Growth, choices, these things are your growing.   Of course, they are not easy to do and seem frightening.  But once you have taken that step the fear goes away.  You will survive.  Trust, my dearest, and I thank you for asking as it is giving growth for you.

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  1. momo June 10, 2010 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    My ex is threatening me again. Is it noise or is he convincing himself that his demands are fair and is he following through on his threats regarding the children? Should I continue on the way I haved been going or should I be taking more steps to protect us? Is he stealing my business project? Do any of the people he is working with in his new venture see his ability for cruelty and deceit or lack of conscience and empathy or have their egos blinded them all.

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