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Jennifer had a question about her past lives.  She says, “I’m wondering if you could tell me how past lives might be affecting me in my current life. I feel as though I have struggled with self-love and self-acceptance for most of my life and wonder if these are residual feelings from past lives or if these feelings developed as a result of experiences in this life? I recognize self-acceptance is a major goal for me in this life and I feel like I’m having troubles breaking some of the negative coping strategies. I asked a question several months ago about my spirit guides and the channeled spirit mentioned I was in some ways fighting the regimented aspect of my being. I’m wondering if this refers to my challenges with self-acceptance and if you can provide any insight on how to work on it?

Dearest one, once again around the circle. It might seem like the same issues return and return again.  But each time you have ascended, your vibration is higher, your choice is different.  And it is true that if you really take time to step aside to see your path, you’ll see you are a far more evolved being now; gentler, move loving to yourself.  You are now choosing to help yourself, not of anger, but from a belief in love. The true understanding of love is when you will look outside yourself and see how perfect it all is.  You will feel the harmony of your world.  You will feel its heartbeat singing.  Do not center so much on the inability but rather focus on the ability of love that you have.  You think so much, dearest one. I am sure the clogs of your mind grow tired.  But all is for a good purpose, I know.

So, be gentle and kind to yourself.  Know that you do and are trying. I know the limitations of time in the physical world, sometimes it’s as if you have your feet in cement.  But they are not.  The heightening of one’s vibration happens with a choice, with opening your heart.  You are doing well.  You aren’t limiting yourself any more.

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  1. Kristine May 6, 2010 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Hello again. I am wondering if you could please explain the physical and spiritual process of menopause. I think I am seeing this change slowly occurring in me now. How can I best manage my emotions during stressful moments, and some irrational thoughts too! I am laughing today, but my poor family! I find this worrisome. Thanks and love to you.

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