Your world has upheavals to create growth; it supports what you need and will do so always

JS writes:

There are many theories that the world as we know it is going to experience a massive physical change. I would like to know if there is going to be a pole shift very soon, or even in my lifetime. I want to prepare as best I can if there is and sometimes feel I am meant to reach out to others to help them prepare also. The information that is being received is said to come from an alien group referred to as the Zetas. Are they actually communicating with us regarding these earthly changes and trying to help us? They say that the pole shift is due to a planet name Nibiru and that when it comes into our solar system it’s magnetic pull creates the upheaval of our tectonic plates. Are we already seeing the effects of this? Does all this link in to the overturn of souls that you often mention?

In addition can you please offer guidance for me to be able to help others more and to be a better person. I feel I have so much to give and am not sure what to do with it. Am I growing as I should be? I want to feel the peace and love that I know that I am…how do I achieve this? Is there a way for me to help my mother feel this also?


The guide’s response:

Dear one, you seek and this is good.  You grow in your seeking.  Do not stop these questions and seek that that feels right within you.  When you hear an understanding or read a mind point, or a set point of understanding, ask yourself: how it does it feel within my being?  Seek your truth by your own understanding and allow it to be unlimited.

There are many beliefs in your physical world.  Beliefs are an important part of the growth and opening of doorways.  They are often what sets in motion your truth.  Do not concern yourself about your mother’s growth for that is up to your mother to do.  Know that you can only be responsible for yours.  So in knowing your mother, send love and let the mother be without condition and then you will see growth.  In this process also remove conditions for yourself.

Do not follow one belief, but your belief.  If it is so that you find comfort in ritual, then seek it but make it one that feels right within you, that resonates to the very centre of your being.

As to shift in poles, these things are constant in the physical world and occur all of the time.  The physical world is constantly changing.  Those that set a date and for when this will be are trying to control their own path.  Your physical world supports that that you need and will do also, always.

As to worry, why?  Why worry about a great change in your physical world? Set your path that you will be able to survive all things no matter what is placed before you.  For that is the spiritual growth to be, in all circumstances.  You see the physical plane has upheavals to create growth.  It is the most amazing mother to all of you for it creates teaching, loving, supporting through unconditional love to all that is thrown at it.

May I ask about this planet Niribu and the Zetas.  Is there such a thing?

There are many planets, many spheres to create growth.  Call in whatever you wish for whatever time. There is somewhat of a condition that arises when many numbers wish to follow things.   You see this also was rooted in another belief for which it came.  If those need to find a large number to belong to, to find the peace and understanding, or a ritual in which to limit themselves for a certain amount of growth then it be that that it be.

Worry not about these things.  Allow all manner of beings to seek their truth, most importantly, seeking your own.  Does a planet or a group of beings create a truth for you?  It is up to you.

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