You will be a most blessed mother

Spiritually Radiant – What can you tell me about the man who will be my husband in this lifetime and about our children?  Do they have any message for us?

Blessed, dear one, you want to know that your Prince Charming will come and will be there and the wonderful beings that will come through you, fulfilling wonder.  So visualize, draw him to your life, your heart, that is what you need.  A being of wonderful strength.

In many ways others will believe you to be very old fashioned perhaps in your views. But there is an ancient sage that dwells within you.  An ancient teacher knows that all you connect with will learn and grow.  It is true you can only be responsible for your own path but you can help many others on theirs simply by being.

Trust that what you need will be there for you, blessed one.  Worry not of the how, the why and the what.  Be assured that this shall be.  As to their messages to you.  Since you understand conception takes place long before the actual conception in the physical world, you’ve had an understanding that these beings will be with you eventually.  Trust, blessed one.  If things right now may not seem to be that that will be fulfilled in time, know that change and growth are the most magical parts within you.   Your ability to be as flexible as your beautiful willow tree, to move, to grow, to bend leaning over the still waters, nourishing all and shading them from the sun.

You will be a most blessed mother, worry of none of this.

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