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My dear guides, I have a question concerning my health. I have been to the doctor who gave me an  antibiotic for a cold, but my cold is not going away and I have no energy.  I am tired and have a headache all the time and meds don’t often help it. Sometimes I feel I am loosing my eyesight . Is it my teeth or my eyes who are causing all this pain?  My eyes hurt and I cannot see well even with reading glasses.  What is causing the headaches?   Is it my sinuses? I really am tired of being sick. Also I have a stomach ulcer. But my biggest concern is the migraine headaches that go into the eyes. I  cannot concentrate even to read a good book like I used too. Thank you my beautiful guides. 

Dear, dear, blessed one.  You must complete the course of antibiotics.  But as soon as that is completed you must begin a healthy form of eating, sleeping and some exercise.

Your body has had a great deal of stress. The hormone that is released during stress causes great exhaustion of the body, thus, affecting the immune system, thus allowing certain yeasts and fungus to take place in the body. The sharp pain you have in the vision is not the vision, but in truth it is a yeast overgrowth you have.

The headaches are from the sinus congestion as well caused by the fungus.  No, do not panic.  This does occur especially when one has been stressed and you’ve had antibiotics many times.  So, you must begin with greens, all very much alive food, proteins but very small amounts but on a very regular basis.   Small amounts of protein, perhaps three times a day that does not have to be all animal based but of course protein is what the tissues need to replenish and to heal.  You must have no sugars or carbohydrates that create sugars in the body and no alcohol.  You must drink much clean, clear water, teas and soups that are made to heal your being.  Ingest Vitamin C through the foods you eat; peppers and all things brightly colored.

Oh, blessed one, I know you seek to find an answer that will be quick, but this will take a while.  It will help with your thinking of how you be.  Don’t allow your body to be too cold, or too hot right now.  Try to find a nice balance.  Clothing should be loose and of comfort, nothing that irritates and no unnatural chemicals.  You will notice some dryness  on your skin in some areas for your body has not been able to digest the food.  You can heal from this, blessed one.

I know you have taken pain killers for the pain but you would be better off drinking water and gentle movement.  Even just standing swinging back and forth to help passing out the toxins from your body.  Your liver has endured quite a bit with the antibiotics, the pain killers and the sugars so treat it well with the teas, milk thistle there are many things but they must be alive and growing.  It is not a time for pills, but actual nourishment.

Chew the food well in your mouth and make sure saliva gets mixed in.  It is part of the digestion process that is often not thought of enough.   And take your time to be happy when you eat.  The stomach responds to all tension and stress and it will not produce the right acids to break down the foods unless you are well, you don’t have to be giggling with laughter,  but at peace.

Take time to eat.  Do not rush it.  Take time to rest and put your feet up.  Take time to take walks with deep breathing with lovely fresh air.

You are not alone my blessed one.  We are with you.  You shall heal.




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