Andrea writes:

A quick question for the Guides. I am aware of the significance of numbers and lately I have been seeing 10:23 on the clock almost every day, twice a day. Can you tell me if there is a message in this for me? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Put the clock away!  (laughs)   I know, it’s easy for a being who has no grounding in time any more to relate to you about time.  It is the struggle of the physical plane to battle against time, to accept time or to…. well….

Little one, allow this notification or marking of the time for you to decide what should be important about that moment.  Be it a moment of prayer, be it a moment of meditation, be it a moment of sheer bliss, of joy, of love.

Know that for some reason you want a ritual in your life.  Your spirit is calling out to you for ritual.  There was a time in a past life when ritual gave you great joy and peace and a feeling of knowing where you were at.  So you choose, my blessed one.  You choose what you shall mark this time by.  Let it be love.