You are that hand in the darkness


Anonymous – Can the guides confirm what was suggested in a reading a year ago, that I have completed my promise at my work place.  On the whole I feel this way but I am having some ‘last minute’ anxieties as I prepare to transition and wonder about that-as well as whether I’ll be OK financially….

I feel perhaps a bit stronger than last year, but still on the whole tired and needing a long time out. Perhaps in time I will be inspired about new ways to help and heal?

Guide – That promise is complete.  There is a knowing that it is acceptable to move forward, a feeling of at peace with it.  The promise can be made over and over in many different ways, constantly renewing your understanding of it.  If it was just a simple act of the promise that lay before you in that place of work, you would have completed it a long time ago.   There were other things at hand; other beings’ promises, other beings’ needs.  You, such a being of great desire to help others found yourself a cushion between them and the expanded need in which they and you were all contained.

You worry a great deal about others.  You fuss and find yourself thinking about them. Trust that they shall find what they need to do and move forward into their whole life.  As you sought an attitude be insisting upon a small time that they are in a perfect place of need.  For you my dear, change is not something you love a great deal.  You fight against it in many ways and yet in your intellect you know that change is constant as breathing, but the forward movement must be.

Yes, it is time for you to change and to go forward.  But it does not mean that you will have great boredom and nothing to do.  You will find that there is another offer made to you of something to do.  You might not think it is worthy of you and yet just small acts on your behalf will give you great joys in many ways.

Financially, you have never been spending hardly any money.   I find it quite humorous that you think you will need great amounts. But that of course is up to you, blessed one to give to receive to achieve a balance, something you have always been aware of.

There is no doubt that you will find new ways, well, it isn’t so much new ways blessed one.  When you stop for a moment and have an exchange with someone, whether you know them or not, you see them. This is the greatest gift to be seen and to be heard.  To share with them a moment of your time is a great gift.  You do this often.  Sometimes you think it is a persona of you.  In truth, it is the truth of you. You are a very shy being and you do not share a great deal of your own personal needs and wants.  But in the moment that you share with others that speak with  you, you share that you like to be loved.  You want to share the wonder of the light with another.  You are that hand in the darkness.  Although it might seem like bright lights from the street where you are meeting them; but in spiritual understanding you are saying I love you.  What a wonderful gift to give any being.  

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