Pam/tricia asks, “Do you see a man coming into my life for a deep souls connection in the near future ?  Can you see me working in the Spiritual field ?”

I see all beings working in the spiritual field, my dear.  Maybe you don’t realize it, but everyone is.   In your world, the physical, the society, has this belief it dominates.  It doesn’t dear one as all beings are working in the spiritual field.  I know what you ask, will you develop one form or way in which to communicate to bring forward the energies.  You already do this.  You can, if you wish, take many different paths, courses, apply different techniques.  Trust in your own and see that amazing teacher that lies within you that draws you to certain aspects of openings. Your society is very much concerned about control and often places thought forms such you must only do it one way or you will have difficult, not  allowing individuals’ power.  You have power my darling.  Release and you shall be in a spiritual field, one you will understand.

As to the love around the corner, there is a thing at hand with you, an issue, where you tend to feel very nervous and fill every bit of space with words and information and trying to control it, that you often rebuke any being that wishes to come close.  Practice stillness, listening, seeing and allow another to come before you closer and fill not the space with your words, but only of your love.  Draw them close my child.  Put down that shield and you will find that love.