imgresHere in Canada we have a celebration of Thanksgiving coming up and I wonder if you could give some words for people at this time of celebration of the harvest and a connection with the natural world.

Thanksgiving … should be every day. You should stand in your bodies and be grateful for being, for having the opportunity to love, to grow, to be. Be thankful for having a beautiful body, whatever form it is in, that it is yours. It is the one true thing in your physical world that is completely yours. If you are conscious of it then it is good, be thankful of it. If you are not, then try to witness who you be.

At this time in your country when you gather in times of thanks, be mindful that each action that you go through, each opportunity to see others, to see your world, to touch the glory of food, to taste its sweet taste. If you have the opportunity to gather together with others, hold their hands, look in their eyes. You don’t have to fill the air with words, but be with them. See them, hear them. If you share food together, share it with others as well. For you live in a country of great bounty. There should be no starvation.

There are places in this world where there is not food to feed them. But they grow and they learn and they are just as important as you are. So if it is possible in your world to share some of what you have, then do so. But if it is not possible, then share your heart, your love. If it is not consciously within your awareness to do so, then be, exactly where you be. But be aware of this amazing opportunity of life, of love.

Beings before you came, explored, learned, grew—and Thanksgiving marks a time of sharing of knowledge one to another to help beings grow and live. It is a time, not of religion, but truly of beings’ needs, to be protected from the elements, to be warm when one is cold, to be fed when you are hungry.

Take this time of year and have it in your heart at all times. You are so loved, and so wondrous. You have within you the possibility of all things. Bless you all.