I wonder writes:

Hello dear spirits & guides. Will I be blessed with a wonderful partner in this lifetime, as I would love to have a proper family and another child, but I see the years of opportunities to manifest this desire racing by? Also please tell me about my promise with L, if it’s been fulfilled, and something about our history. Many thanks. 

The guide’s response:

Because your promise with L is not complete I cannot tell you very much, dear one.  But know that there are two sides to everything.  And the survival and the free will is of the utmost importance in fulfilling  all promises.

You are often torn between two worlds.  You often feel that you are looking over a fence at perfection and that where you stand is anything but.   Please do not do this, my dear.  Your life has been rich and full and you do complete your family very well.

You ask me: Will there be happiness?  Will there be a partner? And I ask you: Will you allow yourself happiness and will you stop judging what happiness is according to the understanding of others?

You are a great capacity to love, but please stay present in your path and stay present in your ability to open and to love that that is right at your fingertips.  You love all manner of creatures, small and large, but you often retreat in a shy, quiet way when other beings are present.

Speak from your heart and show others your light and do not judge a family as proper or not.  Family are those that choose to be together because of love. That is family, that is perfection.  Bless you my child.