Why pain exists and what it shows us

Helen-Frankenthaler_2G:  Please help me. My head has been hurting for the past few days and it really hurts. I took the usual remedy for it, but this time it does not work. The pain radiates down my neck and to my shoulder blades. I even do that acupressure you suggested. That does help, but I want to stop this pain all together. I am thinking that if I start back exercising and going to the sauna that will help get the heavy metals out faster and help relieve the pain.

This pain is even making it difficult for me to accept the cat presence, and also avoid thinking that I may be going insane. I do not want to push the cat away from me and I don’t want this pain to have a negative effect on me. What should I do? Please help! Are my pets Mama (cat), Bingo, and Gypsy okay? Thank you.

Guide:  Yes, your cats are well, as well as can be expected.

I want you to take some moments, blessed one, to understand what you are doing in the physical world.  You are using the tools of this world, your body, your emotions, your senses, to grow, to move through a life or a path, whatever you wish to call it, of learning and growing.

Everything is connected, even if it feels if it is not being connected. And putting it all together and saying this is who you are, is your job.

If you understand that your body is this amazing tool, a place that holds your energy, your spirit that you grow and live through, then let us talk about why pain exists.

Pain is to bring the attention to you, to show you that something is at hand, something that needs to be learned, something that needs to be heard.

Pain in which part of the body; the head, the mind. What is the head and the mind used for?  Thinking, understanding, putting things in process, making choices with the combination of the heart.  So, the head is connected to the heart by muscles and sinew.

When a communion between the heart and the head becomes constricted and difficult and unknown to you, or perhaps as too much energy or misunderstanding in it, the nerves which from the spine connect the heart to your mind, convey a tightness and a tension.  This is then conveyed to the muscles that constrict and get tighter and tighter moving up to the head, pulling down on it, constricting the blood vessels, constricting the abilities for blood to flow freely and easily through the body, and thus the result is pain.

Now, this is pain because there is a difficulty between the heart and the head.  You are not hearing and seeing things you are happy with.  You feel alone and separate.

The best way to help this pain is by your asking yourself, why?  Why do I feel this way?

Construct a conversation from your spirit to your body, this amazing tool.  Ask your body, your head, your mind, your heart what it is about and then listen.  Listen quietly to the answers.

You may not develop this conversation quickly, but if you practice this over time you will be able to get your answers from your spirit to you.

There are instances too when viruses can interfere in this.  That only occurs usually when the immune system is down and then that is still affected by the heart and mind connection.  There are instances when the body needs more fluid, but then again you are not hearing the needs of the body.

Listen to this amazing thing that carries your spirit.  It is miraculous.  There is nothing created in your physical world that matches its magnificence–and you made it.  You made every cell of this body.  You.  Yes, you, this spirit I speak to.   Your immortal hands made this body so that you might listen in this world and learn and grow from it.

You are not going crazy.  That would be choosing to not hear anything.  It would be choosing a place of non-growth and that is not you.  You want growth.  You are afraid of missing a step.

You are afraid that you’ve already missed a few steps that you are not conscious of.  But you can retrieve those if you wish.  It must be your choosing.

It would be wrong for any being such as myself to place information on you that you are not ready for.  It would interfere with the growth of your being and that would interfere with my growth.

Bless you my child.

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  1. Donna March 3, 2013 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    Sable – My son has had problems for the past 14 years. I have always been there for him supporting him, providing shelter, listening to him, sending money. I am not sure if the way I have been supporting him has been in his best interest. I love him very much. He has a beautiful heart, and is a gentle soul. But he keeps putting himself in situations, where he calls me to bail him out. But now, I am very tired of the drama, and don’t want to hear it anymore. And I’ve also asked him not to ask me for money anymore. And as I explained to him, I am on a limited income and am not in a position to send him money. But the boundary keeps sliding. The last time we spoke, he asked me for money, and I lost it. I raged, cried and screamed at him. The wolverine in me appeared. And I did send him money. Again, I gave in. Afterwards, I felt heartbroken and beat up. It’s not like me to react the way I did, and I hated myself for it. How can I protect myself and my heart? How can I support him that would be in his best interest, and to show him that he needs to take responsibility for his life. I only want the best for him.

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