It was reported in the news yesterday “A huge hole that appeared in the Earth’s protective ozone layer above the Arctic in 2011 was the largest recorded in the northern hemisphere, though the sudden appearance of the hole was not due to man-made causes, scientists said in a report.”   What is the truth?   When these events occur in the natural elements is there a purpose to these changes?   How are life forms affected by such an event?  Thank you for your guidance.

It is very interesting how some set themselves in the position of being the authority on all, when in truth recorded ability has been a very small amount of this physical experience.  So, it is true there is a large opening, a breathing room, air to flow through. I know you all deal with this protective coating as like your cellophane disappears that you will all fly off or shrivel up, no.  Truth is, it has happened many times in the creation of a planet for any different purposes.  Its ebb and flow and functionalities are all a necessary part of being in the physical domain.  As to the cause of it, it is a necessary part of the sphere, the energies that flow around it, the energies of decay and growth and humidities of water, these are all part of it.  Worry not about it.  It is not man-made it is a natural thing that has occurred before.  Do not be angry with your scientists for trying to categorize and put things in one simple little place.   Just know that it is wise to be aware of all parts of your planet for you created it for your growth.  Remember this.  And for those scientists, it is part of their growth.  You worry many times that you want your world to be harmonious.  In its wondrous movement of back and forth, it is.  You are a very gentle energy, wanting to leave no footprints on the rice paper.