Wanting clarification on a father’s will.

Lyn asks about her husband and his siblings who are having difficulties arising from the wording in their father’s will.  They also ask if there is any message from their mother who died in a car accident 40 years ago.

They all know that she would be too mild and gentle to say what she really should say to all of them. And as to the issues over the father, well, each of them knew this being in a different way.  I’m not surprised they are fighting.  Each wanted attention in a different way and didn’t get it.  I am not surprised at all.   You need to sit down, put away these words on paper, and talk about the father.  Share amongst yourselves who this being was to you.  And each must listen to the other instead of interrupting.  No one is right; no one is wrong. Put your views all together.  Hear each other, and I believe you will hear what is needed to be heard.


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