Up and down with weight

May I touch on the overweight issue?  There are so many people in our world, perhaps more in the western world that are overweight. There seems to be a lot of pressure for women to be like a size 5 or a size 7 and if you aren’t then you are not a valuable human being.  The focus is mostly on the aesthetic appearance instead of feeling good in your body and being healthy.  Is it absolutely okay for some women to be in a larger sized body and be unconditional loving of themselves?

Of course, my dear.  You dwell in a time where there are many very new souls, new beings.  These are the ones that are fascinated by the advertisements, the pictures, the flash, the excitement of, well, underweight health has never been positive.  It is up to the individual to pay attention as to the effect and how they are feeling.  If it is someone outside of you judging you, no one has the right to judge you.  But unfortunately, you judge you and that is where you need to pay the attention to.  Each individual that does or does not carry extra weight also carries an understanding.  It is believed in spirit that right now it is of epic proportions those that have an unhealthy diet because of fear.   Fear to eat, not knowing what to eat.  There are very few beings, male or female, that eat with the gay and wonderful abandonment of just pure love.

Your world is out of balance.  Beings are not eating what they are supposed to be eating.  They are not eating the love that they are needing.  They are trying to fill that empty space within them that they have not grown into.  They put on many different things, attitudes, positions, clothes, food, colours when they are seeking love, trust, truth, being.

Let the armour you carry be that of love and all of the rest will dissolve away.  Many beings such as yourself have put on continuous amounts to protect your being.  A part of you fears this world.  You are a vulnerable, gentle being that came in and quickly assumed a role of helping and giving to the point of exhaustion in your own state.  You cannot help but give.  In order to do this you feel you must protect your being, insulate it from the very energies that are bombarding you constantly.  If you take the time in each circumstance when you are feeling overwhelmed to take deep breaths, you will hold the space of love that you be.   That will protect you.  Worry not of weight, let it just dissolve away as you grow your armour of love.  It does not make you impervious, it makes them open to you.

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