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My dear guides , I have a question concerning my health . I’ve been having multiple back injuries for the past 6 months. But last week I injured my low back again and had to go to the hospital because the pain was so intense. I have two slipped discs and it is not healing at all. I am feeling angry with myself to have done something like that to my back. Now I am most of the time in bed and unable to move very much. What I have done? And what can I do to heal? I have an appointment at the end of August with the back specialist and I am afraid it could be surgery. Thank you for all the lovely support and guidance you have given all these years.

The Guide:

Dearest, dearest one, the weakness in your back is on many levels.  For one thing you have not been eating very well, and you are not absorbing the calcium into your body. You need more Vitamin C; you also need more B Vitamins. A good, balanced diet is very important for you. The ritual of eating is very important too and, as you know, you have become unbalanced in this area. Thus your muscles don’t support your spine.

But the basis of all of this, the reason one’s back gives out, is that one is not proceeding in the direction one needs to. The body is speaking to you, to say that you need to take some time to see things clearly, to readdress that that is needed to do, to learn, to grow. You might think that it is a simple little process, to turn things around. But actually it takes a while to re-address, to learn that that has evolved and is in the process of being absorbed into your being.

So on one level it is an element of absorption, growth, and on another, you trying to push your being into an area that it does not wish to go into. None of this is new to you, my dear. You’ve heard it before. You just once again were trying to force the issue.  Don’t be so hard on your being, my dear.

Now then, begin by just doing deep breathing exercises, to the very bottom of your diaphragm. Deep cleansing breaths, relax that part of you. And that’s the part that is very stressed; that’s the part that gave out with your back.  They’re all connected: the nervous system from the back is affected by the tension at the bottom of the abdomen. The deep breath helps to relax it.

You may choose to do surgery, or you may choose to take a more natural approach: rest, some nice stretches, gentle movements, some singing, some laughter. Acupuncture is sometimes used there as well. It is often very effective in unblocking areas that are needed to be unblocked. It isn’t always necessary to do surgery.

But more than looking at the Band-Aid or the fix-it, take some time to address why this occurred. And don’t be angry about it. You don’t have to keep up appearances for anyone. No one but you has these expectations of you. You’ve always been right there, ready to adjust, to fix, to bend, to alter. Are you surprised your back finally said “enough”? I’m not.

Your back is saying, “Enough. We need to do something less severe, much less draining, much more healthy for you.”

Stop thinking of what did occur and start thinking of what you want to occur. Visualize your whole being in radiant light, healthy and strong. You can do this. Stop fussing about that that wasn’t and that that is. Let it fill your life, your path, with your creations. And your back is part of your creations.

The artistic side of you has never been expressed completely. Now is the time for this. Demand little of your being. Accept time and give it rest, and food and love. You shall heal, my dear. Do not be angry; dissolve it with love. Two lumps of love in your tea, my dear. 

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