Trusting and embracing your body

Funtastic writes:

Dear Guides, I have a pulsing heartbeat like sound in my ear. Sometimes it sounds like a man’s voice telling me I will die. I feared it might be an aneurysm but I have had it for over 15 years now, I do not think it is anything serious. I have always wanted to know what causes this. The doctors found nothing when it initially occurred. When spirit communicates with me I want to be clear that it is my spirit guide and not some malfunction occurring in my body. What has caused this and how can I know when I see or hear something psychically that it is not a brain malfunction? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you have asked many things.  You worry, dearest one.  You expend a great amount of energy worrying.  When you feel that tightness in your abdomen over a thought that you have come up with stop and take a deep, deep cleansing breath to the bottom of your abdomen and dissolve away the thoughts and just be trusting in the now, as you be standing. If you hear the rushing in your head and your ears it is because you have a finely tuned center of hearing to not only your physical world but to spirit as well.  The rushing you hear is the amazing blood that flows through your body that is so in tune with the very nervous system that causes the stress and the quickening of the pulse.

You have a strong, beautiful heart and a strong system none of which is about to fail you blessed one.  To hear spirit truth you might use your body but very unlikely a rushing in your ears for that has caused you fear and no being with light would want to cause you fear.  So, ask them to provide communication in a way that does not frighten or cause you stress. It could be as simple as simply seeing a certain element of your physical world or a sound but it would be a distant one, not within your body. When you have gained enough confidence and trust without fear, you will then be ready to move into a realm of hearing their words if they choose them to be heard by you.  When it is other beings, in your physical world beings, that you are what you are picking up on, where you are a highly tuned being and feel their fear and their joy and their sensation, surround yourself with white light as if an impermeable container so that you need not be affected by their state of being.  Then if you choose to open to them, by touching them, or by asking information of them remember by doing so you step into their body, their realm and that that you sense is not yours but theirs.

You are very strong my dearest; do not see yourself as weak.  Do not see yourself as susceptible to other people’s needs or states of being.  Become familiar with your own body sounds, your breath, your heartbeat, the rush of the blood through the ears, nothing to fear.  A wonder, a miracle that you be.  Embrace this body, you created it to learn, to grow.  Treat it as the finest of anything you could be present in.  Trust, dearest one, for you are a brilliant light.

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  1. SWIM January 20, 2011 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    Heart attack or severe anxiety attacks? Hopefully the insurance policy will be set up some time this week so I can go to the doctor.Please help me.

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