To help as sister: be supportive, listen, and do not judge

An interaction from last month’s evening with the spirit guides:

I would like to ask about my sister L and how she will proceed with her life?

Sisters are amazing.  It’s interesting how beings can be in one family and yet be so very different.  You’ve often said this to yourself.  The fact is, she will not proceed anything like you would proceed.  In fact, you would like to shake her a bit and say, “Look at this mess–and now what are you going to do with it?”

But that is not what you are going to do–because you know that would not help anything.  Dear one, it is not important how she will proceed; it is important how you will proceed.  So you must be supportive, listen and do not judge. When she comes up with another crazy idea, just mirror it back to her by saying, “Is this what you really want to do?” And hopefully she will not spend too much money doing it and it won’t have too terrible of an outcome.  But if it does, remember that is her learning, her choices and her growth.  You do know this.

She is hoping her book will make money.

Yes, and she does have a great deal of talent and ability to do it.  But as you know, it takes quite a lot to get things out into the circulation of your world right now–money, timing, the right people, the right time.   She needs to create good openings for all of those things to proceed.  If you wish you can help her with what you can do by the pureness of your heart.

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