It’s been said that there are many ancient beings on the planet at this time and that old souls are needed to step forward now and I was wondering if you could explain what that means.

In a moment—in any moment—whether it be something important or unimportant, do this one thing. Be that that you are to the vibration that you be. Answer each question with a pure open heart. Be not afraid to step in if you see something negative and simply shine your light in it. If there is someone troubled, be with them, and let them see that there is light.

You live in times of such chaos, but you all have the ability to neutralize that chaos, for that is what occurs when you have walked the physical world as often as you have. You know how to sooth roughened waters. It isn’t any one theory, all can be positive. In amongst a joyous group you can still be that that you are. What was it that I heard? Someone interesting said, “It’s a time of no more crap.” That is truth, because you can no longer stand and hear something that is completely against your understanding.

You must put words to your understanding and often you will not want to do this. You will be afraid. Your heart will beat. For you have memories of standing out against crowds, and, well, many things have happened to many of you. You’ve been hung, and tortured, and dragged behind ox carts… oh I don’t need to go into all of this. But know that that won’t happen this time. Oh you’ll still have some that may verbally want to attack you, but you can do this. It’s a must now.

You’ll find yourselves in these positions time and time again. You are all needed to be here, and we give thanks to you for helping teach the young ones. That doesn’t mean physically young, it means spiritually young, for they are now having such a chaotic effect upon the physical domain. Love them…with a firm hand!

Thank you so much.