Rachel writes:

My dearest guides,  as my sisters and I move into the next phase of dealing with our mother’s estate and our brother’s outrageous claims for 100% of the estate, can you please give me some words of encouragement that will help me ease my sister’s fears and concerns. Your love, guidance and protection are gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

You are such a bright light, little one.  And I know there are times when  you find it very hard to speak the words you want to, to give them the peace and the calmness they need.  And you understand that some of them truly enjoy the drama.  But this is the time when you now want to fall upon the strength in the physical world that is there for you.  You are surrounded by these beings that have great words and great opinions and strength.  Some of them are called lawyers, most of them are those that will help you and speak for you.  This is the time to find one that will speak your truth and will help you through this process.

This being does not have the right to 100% of that that you all shared together.  There are truths in your world and your society has created laws that do protect all of you and does understand about abuse. This being radiates all of the abuse that you all have had and that is why you fear it little one.  One who speaks words over you and feels you lose your power.

You need not fear.  This is the time to fight.  This is the time to speak your truth and let your light radiate.  Trust.  Trust and find the best one with the biggest voice.  Your world will hear it.

Does she need to find a different lawyer then?

She has many lawyers, much talk, but has never actually gone out with the purpose of finding the exact one, always giving that job to others.  Seek that that you need, dear one.  Seek the one that will speak your voice.  There are many that are willing.  It must be right by you.  And do not be intimidated by anyone.