Things that occur for the greater growth of many

I have a question from Pam, who was planning to attend a workshop in Georgia and she kept running into problems with her flight. She took this as a sign that she wasn’t meant to attend the workshop, however she did want to learn some new techniques to help her with her teaching. She would like some insight into that, and whether she should be doing something different. She would also like to know her spirit guide’s name.

It is not my position to speak of her entity’s name, but I will say that she has a very strong warrior with her, a warrior of the light. So she need never worry of how she will get her information. In fact she truly already knows. She just feels unsure as to how to simply say that it came from within, her knowing of how to do certain things. Or her wonderful acceptance that with each being you be a separate entity, creating a new energy between the two, new and fresh each time.

She is wise to know that these barriers presented were preventing her from being there. And it is good that that occurred and that she was willing and open, for it is through her willingness and openness that these were presented.

She sometimes goes back and forth, understanding that there must be free spirit to follow and seek what is important, and yet trying to contain it within a narrow view of what is acceptable in society’s world. It isn’t that she must break free of anything—but to be. Be the radiant being, the teacher, the healer, the one that will always be still enough to hear another’s voice—the voice that cries to her without words. Tell her to trust in this. Oh, take as many courses as she feels necessary, but the most important one is to be within–for she has chosen this.

It is because she is trying to be in two worlds—that the physical world has become a barrier in many ways. There is but one, my child, and now that you have seen both, there might seem a struggle. But if she is still, she will know.

I’m just thinking about the physical world putting up obstacles to prevent someone from going to a place or doing something.

In truth, if you understand that all energies are one, she created those obstacles. Part of her didn’t want to hear the words of another. Even though she thinks she should have it, she knows. You create all the things you need for growth. You will understand this.

So can I just ask for my own clarity about this business at the airport—that it was evacuated. The Dallas airport was evacuated. And all the effects that that would have on everyone else in the airport…was only because of this woman’s…?



No, the opportunity for growth was very present for many beings there, not only her. There are many times when evolved beings will be present in large numbers. Things can occur for the greater growth of many. You are seeing a great amount of this in your physical world at this time, because great growth is happening in a large amount. You have seen this before in times of world war, world famine, and now there is chaos in many of these places because of a free-flowing fear that is amongst many beings.

Mhmn. I feel that that fear is very negative.

Not so, my dear, but it can be. Fear is part of an emotional state that creates many things in the body and in the physical world. It can in fact save one’s life, thus being positive. Or it can be destructive if it is an ongoing state of constant fear over something that is not a reality. Thus in the hands of that that is using it, it can be positive or negative, your choice.

Like everything? (laughs)

Yes, my dear. So why not choose positive. It will always give you time in your linear world to breathe, to be.

Well I know I felt, and many people felt, when Barach Obama was elected in the United States, many people felt that they could breathe again.

Yes, this is a very evolved being—a wondrous one who has stepped forward to help, to heal, to teach. In truth knowing this was not the only choice he came to the physical plane at this time for, but understood that there was a need and so chose this. And through the wonderful growth of many beings, this has moved forward. In your time of great chaos, it has been very helpful. It doesn’t mean that it is all over, and no worries as to the all choices of others yet. There are many choices at hand—but great growth is occurring, great teaching is possible.

Please speak to your many beings: do not fear, but trust. Trust in the great growth that is there.

Thank you. I will.

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  1. Angie January 4, 2009 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    I am looking for information regarding the health of my mother, Karen. She just spent one month in the hospital, most of that time the doctors were unsure what was/is going on. They found a virus (main symptoms extreme fatigue and prolonged fever), as well as a cyst (cause unknown) that had previous infection around it.Is this a ‘healing crisis’? Is there something she should be doing or taking now to encourage her health? If possible, we (my mother and I) are hoping to learn the cause of this dis-ease as well as any possible remedies.

  2. rgp August 27, 2009 at 6:40 am - Reply

    I am curious about people that seem to have no empathy for others, I have always thought of them as uncaring, while now I am wondering if they are simply more “advanced” spiritually, that seems to contradict what you would think spirituality to be, but, maybe they see the “bigger picture”? That death is simply a transition. That misfortunes are simply opportunities. I, being an empath have started to view things so differently, I am able to feel somewhat less attached to others fears and emotions than I once was, I seem to perceive more of the spiritual side as opposed to the “human” side now. Could you give me some insight into these new views or questions that I have? Thanks!

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