The role of the ancient souls in this world

Nighthawkcof writes:

A spiritual community I am in has over the last few moths seen a strong increase in numbers meaning people who realize their “gifts”. A lot of them and old-timers are feeling a sense of change… something big coming. It seems we are supposed to help in some way… maybe by healing or supporting in “our” way. I guess my question is… is there change… not the normal change that happens all the time.. but big changes… changes all over the planet?

The guide’s response:

Dear ancient one, you have grown so.  There was a time when you would not have understood this answer, but now you do.  You have grown within the body very quickly and are trying very hard to do and be the best that you can be.  And that is what we ask of you ancient ones, for you have come to be present in the physical world during the overturn of souls.

What is this time that you are sensing, that you and the rest of your group of ancient ones are sensing?  It is a time when there was a great movement in the physical world, where many like you grew quickly thus, leaving a great number of very new souls and now a great number of very ancient ones (or highly evolved, or highly vibrating).

I don’t know how to use the words that you will understand.  The vibration of your spirit quickens with each element of growth and learning.  New souls, their vibration is not as fast, or highly vibrating as the very ancient ones.  And so, in your world right now, there are very few middle-aged beings, or the ones that truly vibrate at a rate that creates great peace; great politicians and great doctors and lawyers and the ones that are wonderful pied pipers (in other words to help others, to lead others).

And so, very new souls are leading new souls because ancient ones very often do not want this job. They have lived it and walked it and have had lifetimes of persecution so their  vibrational  states wonder:  Why would I want to do that again. I will stand and just be at peace.  That is why the ancient ones choose to go to the mountain tops.  They are fulfilled in places where there are not so many people as they shy away from the learning ground.

So we ask of you, because of this time that you are in. It is a very chaotic time and it can go either way, good or bad.  Of course, it would still create growth but it does not need to be quite as chaotic– if you the ancient ones, the ancient teachers that can teach, that can lead, that can speak out, step forward again.

Dust off your boots, pull out your old cloaks and get involved again.  Get into the work again with teaching the young ones, the new ones.  You do not need to stand in a classroom, but speak your truth.  Do not be afraid of it being judged.  By speaking your truth, you are telling them that they need to find their own truth, their own keys to unlock their magic.

It is time of individual thinking not mass thinking. New souls, as I spoke, love to come together and take a blanket statement as their truth instead of understanding it for themselves.  They are not feeling individual as they like the comfort of many.  To stand out and separate from the group takes wisdom, takes a higher vibration.  I am not judging better or best, for I love all equally and are as radiant a piece of God as any, but they are needing of some help.

So the help would be offered individually, in conversations?

Yes, in any manner, in a touch, in the spoken word, in just being and holding the space that there be no violence, that all beings be heard, that each is given time to be heard.  Or to teach by living the most beautiful life, by helping the new ones to see their world.  Or by creating a piece of art work that would touch the souls of any being.  These are the ways to teach the greater most opening.

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  1. Scooterish February 2, 2011 at 12:00 pm - Reply

    What a terrific response. It sums it up right there with what’s going on in the world right now.

    I have a question. I know I’m having a growth spurt and it’s not terribly comfortable. I’m feeling as if I must not have boundaries, that I should have no boss, that I need to be free to do what I want. I want to leave my job and be free to mother and nurture. I worry about finances as there needs to be more money. How can I transition away from my job and move towards being closer to home? Thank you and much love to you.

    • Noelle November 25, 2014 at 3:29 pm - Reply

      I am feeling the same. I am worn out but understand the power and strength my words have with many younger ones. They are drawn to me and seem to seek me out in the most unusual set of circumstances. In order for us to survive and do the work the spirits are asking us to do, we much be able to get by in this money world without losing our connection. How will the universe help us fulfill the role we are being asked to come out and fill? There MUST be help from the universe here so we can take our last bits of positive energy and give it to the next drinkers of knowledge. It is the trapping of this current Earth world…having enough money to live without conventional jobs that restrict us from this calling, this duty to do what we are meant to do. Can we get that help? That message? That freedom?

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