the “overturn of souls” is a time for many beliefs

From our January 6th Evening


At one of the other Circles gatherings a guide explained the current process of the overturn of souls.  Can you touch on now how we are doing now on this planet, how we are finding our balance?


You are doing very well.  Yes.  You are just about to come out the other side of it and you will know whether it was a positive or a negative event.  Yes, it is true. These cycles often are about five years in length in your world.  But the overturn actually took 20 years.  It was a rather chaotic time, and there were a great many very, very new and a great many very, very old and very few middle-aged beings, which are the wonderful politicians and the teachers.  And so chaos has reigned.  That’s why you will see religions fighting religions, truths fighting truths, uprisings in communities, youth against aged, old ways not acceptable anymore and new ones brought forward.  Both ends, battling.

And so in this time ahead, as you are coming through this period, you are going to see it so clearly, those of you that are ready to see it clearly.  And those of you that are not ready to see it clearly will be battling furiously.  There will be no sense in those that will not listen and no ability to talk to those that have the sense.  I know that one spoke about speaking your truth and it is important.  And, your truth is what you believe to be right.  And it won’t be what everyone else thinks, it will be what you think.  And it is a time for many beliefs, many understandings of a higher vibration.  The overturn of souls can cause complete chaos in the physical world.  At other times, entire civilizations have been wiped out.  It does not need to happen now.  Do believe that calm will return.

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