The overturn of souls explained

Sw writes:

Hello dear guides – can you please explain the term Overturn of Souls? What does the word “overturn” refer to? Does it mean many beings will be growing in vibrational height? Will human beings evolve to a higher state of awareness? Or, does overturn mean that many a great number of beings will be leaving this planet in this lifetime? This guidance and love assists so much!

The guide’s response:

Yes, to all of those.  Using that word was to pose a question.  Using that word was to create growth.  Exactly what does it mean? Change, movement, disruption, chaos, the very evolved beings moving forward quickly and the very new not moving ahead quickly.  It is a time of unbalance and a great need to create it.  There will be many very evolved beings leaving because it is time.

Do you mean leaving as in a large group?

There is not going to be a mass exit.  No, there is not going to be a flip of the planet.  It is going to be a natural order of them leaving.  This is why we ask the old souls now to step forward to teach and to speak their truth.  That is what the overturn is about.  It does not come often but it has happened before in the creation of this physical plane.

The yin and yang, the ebb and flow is about learning, the growing in your plane.  Think and choose what is right and know that you are teaching in your choice.  Let your thinking be and let it be and create action for you.  It is time for the individuals to see how they can be part of a whole and not be lost in it.   So, there is a great deal of change at hand.   It is not about all thinking one way but all accepting the whole that there be a knowing that you judge but in a thinking way, not in an exclusionary way.

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  1. RichLovingJoy February 16, 2011 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Dear Ladies and Guides,

    I am hoping you can provide some much needed guidance for my current situation. I know my dreams provide guidance/answers/direction but, lately, when I try to figure out what the message of or the guidance within the dream was – I feel more confused. What I am most wanting to know is what is the lesson I am most wanting to learn at this time and/or is it something from my past that I am most wanting to heal (as I am thinking that maybe they are one and the same. As always, your time is always most appreciated and thanks in advance.

  2. jack February 19, 2011 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    I’ve had about as much pain as i can endure in this lifetime i would like to ask if you see me overcoming my paranoia and mental illness any time soon I’m at the verge of taking my own life,nothing has worked for me what must I do.what are the reprucussions of suicide

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