Curious 1  writes:  

A guide once said that I had the ability to know people on a vibrational level, and that I had a high vibration. Is this still the case and if so are there ways of improving this connection with the physical and spiritual world? I sometimes sense a ‘knowing’ but would appreciate any validation, as my doubting mind is very strong. Also do my grandparents have any advice to share with me? Many thanks. 

The guide’s response:

Your grandparents always believed in you, saw that shiny radiance you have, and they still do.  And of course they are telling you to count pennies.  But you needn’t worry of that yet.

You are a very evolved being and you can create your own form of communion with those around you.  It would not be right for me to tell you how to communicate with them.  So speak to them and ask them to give you a form, whether it be through writing, whether it be through confirmation from creatures or totems as many in the past have done.  Ask them to create a dialogue with you in some way so that you will know:  yes or no… or whole lines of understanding.

The knowing within is the communion my dear, that deep feeling within you that something is, or should be.  You have within you a moral compass that is created by your vibrational code.  It is through that that the knowing communion occurs, what is right or wrong.  Trust in this and you will never go wrong.  But if you want to create a dialogue, establish one.  They are more than willing.  Should you ask them, they will help.  Trust in it, test it, and be.