Anon asks:

I just started a new job and my new employers – for compliance reasons – are insisting that I transfer my investments from elsewhere to the company that just hired me. I am trying to fight this directive (as I believe that my investments will be adversely impacted) and want to know if I will be able to leave my investments where they are? What is the Universe trying to teach me? Will the investments rebound once again in the near future? I appreciate your guidance, thanks!


The guide’s response:

There is so much chatter around you, dearest one, that it is very difficult for you to remain focused in your own understanding of what is true.  The greatest gift you have is trust.  And you do trust in the actions you have proceeded in, and they have not failed you.  The imbalance in your physical world is shown in so many different ways.  Trust that it will come back to center; it will.

You will always be wary of anyone that tries to push your personal choices and life from whence they do not belong.  Be aware of this.  You are not wrong to make your own choices.  If you were so easily swayed you would not be in the good advisory position that you are in, blessed one.  Remember that. You were hired for your mind, your ability; not for that that you have purchased, what you wear or how you live your personal life.

You do know you have great grounds to fight this.  Be not afraid. Radiate that that you are.  Be still; do not enter into any communications about that with them.  It is none of their business.