D writes:

There have been media reports in  different countries of thousands of birds falling from the sky and fish washing up on the shores.  Are these events related to the movement of the north pole?

The guide responds:

It is awareness.  Growth occurs when you actually stop and see your world and pay attention.  Many opportunities for growth arise for that is what this physical world is–a learning ground.  The shift in the magnetic poles is nothing to worry about.  There are solar events that cause chaos in the world and that creates growth. The birds, the fish dying off, they are speaking to elements of the physical world that are having difficulty.  It is true that this is a time of great learning, the overturn of souls.  It is not just the souls of the physical human beings that are over turning, it is the energy sources of all blessed beings present that vibrate in this time.  Vibration is light, growth, forward movement. It is not the end of times.  It is the life of times.  It is the growth of times.

It is in your history now, the greatest growth ever possible.  There is nothing to fear. See it, pay attention.  Decide.  Choose to grow when growth is offered to you and be.  Being in it is acting upon it, making a choice, having a say. It is learning, it is standing and being seen and witnessing your own life–how it affects not only the humans, the animals, the flocks.  In the physical domain you are all one.  You all vibrate at different degrees and the purpose of it is to teach and grow for one.  Let it be and you will understand.  I love you.