The ever-present speaking of light and love

SW writes:

Dear guides – I am concerned with recent events. How is my grandson coping with the heightened stress? He has been acting out and has been experiencing nightmares in the last month or so. What can be done to best support the little one and his mom?


The guide’s response:

Dear one, you are wise.  You have the ability to see and hear things that are not spoken, but are present.  You know that the great chaos or stress affects the child.  He is like the barometer in all of this and has absorbed a certain amount of it.  Listen to this one.  Give voice.  Do not create images. Allow play and listen very well to what this one needs to speak about.  He needs reassurance.  You being one who has truly the responsibility of your own path, but these beings are on your path, they are part of your being.  And so, of course, you feel very much a need to step into this situation to be part of it.  You must do so in the most gentle but strong way, to be the safety, to be the one who hears, who sees, who can protect.   There is no danger as physically being in danger but there is a distortion that needs to be alleviated.  So listen to this child and speak loving, tender words to the mother who is often overwhelmed and not seeing things clearly.  Be present, witness, see what is there.  Be strong, you can do much by just your presence. No, you cannot make choices for them but you can make choices for your part of it, the ever present speaking of light and love.  They will be drawn to that if you give them the wonder of your attention.  Bless you my dear for you have had many difficulties in your path and you are fearful.  Release that and fill it with love and then your abilities and your understanding will be clear.


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