Funtastic writes:

What will it take to bring about African-Americans who love themselves and show it through solidarity, cohesion, and unity for the African-American population? Are there forces/energies working against this occurring? single parent female families, low marriage rate?


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, these conditions are not just owned by the African-American entities  in your physical world.  This is part of growth for all beings.  You have a large percentage of beings in your country where you separate yourselves with boundaries and shorelines from others, but this exists all over the physical world for this creates growth, dear.

The element of growth takes place individually as it isn’t a blanket statement for all, although the politicians and teachers and great spiritual leaders might try to say that it is a condition of many.   You are singular in your growth, each of you blessed beings that are growing. And those will present themselves choices and choose actions that you might think were not right for them, but they were and are.  Each being must learn and grow.  It is not a state of poverty or riches, it is about individual growth.

This is the great spiritual understanding right now in your physical world that so many fight against.  They feel that if they all group together in one large mass that some beings will say they are all safe. Oh far from it blessed one, far from it.  I suppose if you think of that one large mass as one being they may have a certain amount of growth as you will see in your states of your churches and your religious groups right now.  Yes, those beings that you see  as one being, one entity, are in a state of disrepair, illness, and discomfort.  As there was a beginning of controlling masses in order to have food and money and status.  But that is all disbanding, dearest one.  You will see in times ahead that it is the individual path that truly creates your growth.

And you wonder if all beings took such care and attended to their path what the physical world would be like.  There would still be those that wish to create chaos.  But think of the harmony for them and their growth and you will understand the responsibility, the chance to grow,  the opportunity to evolve.  Bless you my child for asking.  Bless you for seeing your world, for witnessing it and wanting to help.  You can do this by radiating the light and the understanding that you have to others, by speaking your truth in the moment but knowing also that it may be different tomorrow.