Moe writes, “I would like to know why your guides say that no spirits can hurt you?  There are so many people who get attacked by spirits (slap, kick, scratch even things been thrown at them). Thanks. 

Yes, it is simply a difference in words, dearest.   A spirit guide, an entity of light, one that has moved to the light or dwells amongst a distant domain, would never hurt you or harm you in any way.  You are talking about something different–a person whose spirit has left the body but still remains in the physical world.  A spirit like this does still have the ability to cause great chaos in that physical world.  Mostly, they only cause fear as there really isn’t anything they can do to harm you.   They can make a lot of noise to gain attention, but they need only love and help to find their way.  They often do not know that they are still  within the physical world.  So, they need to get attention and often seek it in most unattractive ways.  But these ones that cause chaos are are few and far between (just as when they are alive).  Be patient with them.  They have just lost track of what they are doing. If you have such beings in your path, then be still and find a way to communicate with them.  Talk out loud for they cannot read your mind or know your spirit vibration as a guide.

Joanna’s note:  The guide here is talking about what we might call ghosts. You can ask them to leave you alone and suggest that they go to the light.