The creation of dreams–and their meaning

Shoshanna writes:

Thank you so much for this gift! What can I do about all of these recurring dreams that I have? What do they mean? When I feel people in dreams, is it really them coming to visit me? Thank you!


The guide’s response:

There are many parts, dearest one, to the dream state.  The need for deep sleep is to heal and fix all parts of the physical body that need healing.  But the mind as well needs this exercise.  So there are different vibrational states that the mind enters into (which have been measured in your physical world).  Some are for healing, some for information to help it heal, and some just to be receptive and open for all the energy to be allowed it processes through the body.

The manufacturing of dreams can come from two places.  The actions through the day come in the deepest part of the sleep.  But the first beginnings of sleep are when the mind is most receptive. This is when one might interact with a being who is in spirit or one who is telepathically connecting with you.   What I mean is their mind state, their spirit, is touching yours and you can send and receive information back and forth.

The dreams you have been having, dear one, are of beings that are in a state of spirit and they are communicating with you.  You have also had some telepathic and that is what is confusing you.  But know that your physical being has the ability to see and receive in this state.

So do they have a certain meaning?  Is their some reason this is happening?

She alone will be able to discern whether they have meaning to her.  Oftentimes the dreams that occur in the deepest part of sleep have to do with things that are not feeling good within the lifetime of the being.  They can be a feeling of helplessness or they can be a feeling of a need to control or be in a more empowered position.  (Oh you want me to tune into her).

This is a very powerful being; one that will help many in time.  And her dreams though will not be exactly as manifested in ones that occur in the past.  But she will stand before many and she will protect others from being endangered.  This is part of her process.  Yes.  They do speak to her.

You have already begun a very spiritual path, continue your beautiful bright light.  Allow your dreams to be.  Do not put rules or regulations on them.  Allow them to be.


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  1. cheenu November 9, 2011 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    I have been moving from one country to other ,one city to other in the past 7 years…
    is is becoz i had a past connection with these cities….? where do i used to live in my previous birth….which countries specifically?

    I also want to know what do you see my life journey as? will i be working after some years, considering i am changing my career path.

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