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Sara – What can you tell me about mental health disorders and spirit?  Thank-you.

The guide’s message is lengthy and the first part is below.  Please stay tuned for the second part of this message.

There are many ailments that a body can create and have present within them.  Your mental illness as you call it, or brain disease, or disorder, can occur just as easily can as heart disease, kidney disease.  Well, you name it.  As you were speaking there are many different disorders and diseases.  Spirit is the same in all of these.   Spirit is that that is YOU that comes forth from other existence, from other knowledge.  It still dwells within the being even if that that is spoken and actions that are taken have great difficulty being present, or being coherent, or to be some standard of norm.

It isn’t that the spirit has left or has gone awry.  Some of these disorders are truly is an opening or access past existences so the being doesn’t quite know where they are present.

Can you for example where a person with schizophrenia where a person loses touch with reality.  Where is the spirit in that?

Still present.  The body is sick and still can be spoken to and can still be reached as it is still very much present. But the façade is the distortion. When a being is present and hears great negative voices and misfiring of understanding this is a sickness in the brain, this misfiring.  It is not the spirit speaking to you.  When a heart is sick and misfires, it is not the spirit speaking to you.  Spirit is trying to maintain the element of presence within the body.  The body is having difficulty.  The communication between the body and the spirit is taking place.

So, if someone develops schizophrenia, is that because of a physical imbalance in the brain?


Was that something they came in with this as something to experience?

Yes, they chose to learn, perhaps sometimes, but not always.

Is it hereditary or genetic, or is that something that happens because you think it should happen?

Because of the genetics in your physical world that carry down different traits and different abilities to maintain life, there will be some degree of possibilities from that.  It doesn’t say it is for sure.  If you decide you need a disease or disorder to learn or grow in something, you may develop certain parts of your genetics, but you don’t have to.

So for people that are depressed sometimes they start handing out anti-depressants to the rest of the family?

This is an unbalance of society.  It has very little to do..…depression is actually a natural state of the being. If you understand great happiness you can understand great unhappiness.  It is something that needs to be learned and not covered up. I am not saying there are times when your medical society does ease great pain.  But the pain will still be there even if you dull the feeling.  It must be addressed.  A pill will never heal a soul.

Does it just mask the symptoms?

Yes.  And some may choose that for a very long time until the chemical component in their body is toxic.  And then the body will create another way to gain attention to spirit.  You are two in one, this amazing spirit, this God, this piece of God energy that moves through you, grows through you.  But your body is you too.  You have created it to be present in your world.

If and and when your body develops disease and discomfort, it is to be listened to you, by YOU, the spirit.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]