The choice to have children or not

Ann-Marie  writes:

Hi there, recently I have thought about having more children. Do you see any more children for me in the future?

The guide’s response:

Bringing forward beautiful beings into the physical world is an action that takes place in spirit, as if a contract with those that will come and be present in my life through my physical door or ability.  Once you are present in the physical world there are other things at hand, choices, ability and also what is possible in your life physically.  So know that there is a conception that takes place long before the physical conception.  And while you were in spirit you were very willing to have many come to be with you, my dearest, so I am not surprised you have this feeling now.  Whether you allow them to be is entirely up to you.

Know that if you do not there will be another time, another possibility for them. You harm no one by not allowing this.  But truly what you are doing is wondering if you have enough time to do all of this, to put it all in place, to fulfill the needs of others in your life, the young ones already present.  Do they need this?  You have many questions at hand, my dearest one.  Be still.  Listen to your own being and you will know what you need to do and the choices you need to make.  I know you would like me to say:  yes it can be and there will be and it all shall be.  But that is up to you, my dearest, to choose.  You are truly a blessed being.  You are a brilliant light.

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