The bond that develops when someone offers healing

I am part of an informal group that from time to time offers healing help to people who are ill. I wonder if you cIMG_0926an talk about what happens when we do this healing.   

What occurs when you start giving healing is that you create a connection, an interlocking of your energies.  You feel connected and there is an open flow between you and the one who needs. Often those who are sick do not know how to maintain their own energies. If they connect with someone who can open to the universal energies some healing can take place.

Speak to them of opening to the universe. Tell them that you are first going to help them reconnect with their own strength. That you can help to realign. When you are with an ill or disturbed being, whichever way the sickness has manifested itself, know that the vibrations are irregular. It quickly drains and works against the being.  I am talking about the physical vibration, not the spiritual one. They are separate; not the same. One is a cocoon that holds the other within.

When a being has become physically ill, the vibrations that extend out beyond the body are irregular. When you and the others come together to heal, you realign their energies just by being in the same room. By touching you connect them with your strength, that of Mother Energy, that of God, whatever word.

It is not broken when you leave the house and return to your homes. This is why you all still feel it. It is within the gut, this connection. Somewhat like an umbilical cord to this person. If you choose not to feel this connection, you must not do the healing.

But there should also be some talk about the person’s finding their inner strength, that they need to do work. You must not take this on, and you cannot. Yes, there is a bond. It’s a love bond but it doesn’t drain once the person starts to build, to open their own channels.

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