Take the time out that you’ve given yourself


I recently had a fall and my left arm was fractured. A surgery was done. Though the impact of the fall was high and both my left forearm bones were broken and displaced, I didn’t feel any pain neither at the time of fall nor after surgery. Even my doctor was surprised to know this. I would like to know why the accident happened and why I didn’t experience any pain.


You’re very good at blocking things, Rosy. You’re very good at denying some of the physical things.  You’ve actually been asking for a break. I don’t know if you really understand exactly what you did create. You wanted a time out, a bit of a rest, a sort of a “leave me alone for a bit.” You like the attention from it but you don’t need to have the pain. So, so be it.  But there is some nerve damage my dear. And you may not feel it for a while, but you will.

And as for the time out and a bit of a break from your reality, yes it was very much needed. And it’s too soon to be told exactly what it is but you’re going to be quite delighted at what you’ve given yourself. See this not as a negative, but as a positive.

And don’t be surprised that you can block pain. Think about your early life my dear. You can block pain. The greater thing is to feel it, my love. Take your time; you’ve given yourself a great gift right now.

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