Take on your own life and not the path of others

Cheenu writes:

I want to know what I was  in my previous life  and where I lived?  I also want to know about the weakness  and hair issues im experiencing right now, when will I get over them?  Please, I  want to feel healthy and look beautiful.

Also I’m a dentist and recently took admission in MBA.  I’d like to know where my career is heading, and what field will I work in?  Thanks.


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you are finding comfort within the great stress you place upon yourself.  It is no wonder your hair feels like falling out.  You need to de-stress and find joy and laughter.   You took this course because you believed you had many beings working with you in a large group and that you could somehow administer to all of them that this would be something that gives you peace.  But you feel over burdened by your work. You feel the stress of those that come near you as it goes right to your bones.

How do you take your own life on and not all of the path of others?  How do you find comfort and monies in this physical world?  Firstly, by being still. These are your words.  See yourself in each action that you have taken, that as being a dentist, that as taking on more schooling, that as being a healer.  You wish to walk away from all of these, but to use your understanding of all that you have been in the healing field.

You have lived many lifetimes.  You have been a shaman and a healer.  You have been a soothsayer and a teacher.  Now you find you are trying to fit yourself in to what you thought you should be. And you are wondering what is even being.  It is greater than one lifetime.  It is a sum total of all of your learning.

What an amazing being you are, how beautiful you are.  Do not dwell on just one part of yourself.  You are so beautiful, with gentle, amazing energies that flow through your hands and through your eyes.  Alright, I understand the need of wanting to find wholeness.

Firstly, detoxify your body.  Firstly, open all of your circulation by lovely movement of dance, things that open your heart.  It is not done through meditation or limiting your being.  This is a different form.  Pick up where you put down you some time ago and see the beauty that you are and you shall be my dear.

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  1. Anonymous Question March 20, 2011 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    I have been with my spouse for over 15 years and had a long affair (for at least 5 years or more) with someone whom I almost left my spouse for. I have strong feelings for both my spouse and the other person who I had the affair with, however, decided to work on my relationship with my spouse. In this endeavor I have told my spouse about the affair and have been forgiven. My spouse is a beautiful soul and we are trying to move forward. The person I had the affair with is now with someone else and we are no longer in touch. I am still torn, however, and sometimes feel very lost and sad. Have I done the right thing and can my spouse and I make our relationship work? Can we experience great love and be happy together again? Why do I still miss the other person and should I accept that they are a part of my past now and how do I move forward?

  2. Angele March 22, 2011 at 9:23 pm - Reply

    Good evening and blessings,

    So much has and is happening in my life. I am not even sure what it is I am to ask of you. Perhaps direction. I find myself in a situation where I want to put someone behind bars. He is a danger to the vulnerable of this world. I also find myself in a place of starting from square one – but with much more wisdom. I feel very safe and guided but sometimes I – well I like to know. I cannot write the details and so I feel as if I am writing in code at the moment. I hope that spirit will know how best to respond even though there is no specifics.

    Gratitude and deep peace

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