Don’t fear them. Viruses have been part of this physical plane forever.

Kristine asked about the new virus that is spreading (swine flu). Can you please talk about viruses?

This is not new. Viruses have been part of this physical plane forever.

It’s just a new mutation?

Yes. And they are a needed part of this environment, believe it or not. You are going to learn in your not too distant future that viruses cause most diseases. Viruses are great at bringing things back to square one again. They are the things that dismantle. And scientists may believe that they are almost like from outer space because they are so un-bacteria-like.

They are so different.

Yes, but they [viruses] have a great purpose. They are not to be feared. But realize that within this area of destruction there needs to be a cleansing. Don’t fear them. Just be strong and clean and healthy within your own being. Understand that they are all over the place, everywhere, a constant part of the physical domain that are always changing.

Well, I remember hearing that on this physical plane there always has to be a negative, some illness or problems.

To create growth.

And these are part of that?

Yes. Exactly.

And so, if we don’t want to suffer from a virus, and if it’s not needed for us to have this growth, we would need to protect ourselves from it, we would protect ourselves by taking care of our health in the normal way and…

And not fearing.

Ah, not fearing, of course. It’s the fear that upsets me.

Yes, it is the thing that people do without even consciously realizing. They are building their brick houses and there really is no need for that. Just the belief in all that is good or positive. Or asking, how can I help? Instead of running away from it. These beings will never get the viruses that will take them down in that way. But let it be known that everybody gets infected by a virus from time to time.

Of course.

Your immune system, the systems of the physical body are amazing, miraculous. You are all walking miracles. Each cell has the most amazing information within it. Viruses work within this reality, this world that we are not consciously aware of. But each cell gets the same information from the master switch, which is your spirit, your brain, the communion between body and mind. It tells the cell: No, you’re not going to let that enter. Or it tells the cell: You’re afraid and weak, and thus saying, come on in.

Succumb. I see. It’s very interesting.

This epidemic, episode, will not be long-lived.

Yes, that’s my feeling too.

And calling it swine flu is very unnatural. This virus can transfer into pig because pigs’ bodies are very similar to the human body, the energy, the vibration. It can attack them as well. There are viruses that cross into many different creatures.

Thank you.


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