Mike asked about a relative whose partner is in serious ill health and has difficulty accepting support. He wants to know about the dynamics of that.

This woman is not ready for the place of understanding and so Mike’s understanding must be one of just simply saying “I am here when you need me or if in any way I can help you.” This being does not want to hear the information. As far as the relative in between, extend his support and love for him. That he is also there for him. As spoken before, you cannot do the growing for another being. You cannot do what they need to do for themselves. Healing must come from within. Mike can extend his love and his desire to help but he must not drain his being by worrying that he cannot get through. It isn’t that he has used the wrong words. It isn’t that he isn’t right, or in the right place, or good enough. It is that the being is not ready. And when and if is entirely up to her.