Struggling with depression

Lindsay writes about struggling with depression and anxiety. She wants to know why she is going through this and how she can protect her family. She says, “I know it hurts them and it makes me sad to be such a burden. I try to will myself out of it but it still remains a struggle. I would love to be able to conquer it without medication. Thank you so much for your love and guidance. I would appreciate any advice.”
Dearest Lindsay, you have accepted a belief of the medical society, and have limited your being because of this. And part of you fights that truth, even though that is not your truth. You are trying to fit into a position of being when your being is much greater than this. It is needed for you to break the mold, to be. You are wise beyond your physical years and you have much to give, that is your greatest frustration. You cannot find a focus in which this opening can be. And when you open these floodgates all will pour from you with great wisdom, for you have so much to give.
You have walked a walk that fulfilled many things and helped many people, but it did not satisfy you. And so you feel that there must be something wrong with you. No dearest, it is just time for you to be that that you are.
Take time to explore the wonder of you. What did you want to do or be as a small child? Or perhaps when you were 13? Explore the wonder of who you are and the many things that you perhaps shut doors on way back when, that you now could open. Do not fight or deny the medical system for it has purpose and has helped you a great deal at certain times. Trust that the time will come when you will know that you are ready to do and be. But do not shut doors right now; begin opening them. You are an exciting being. Be it dearest. 

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