State of the planet and other dimensions

“Anonymous” commented on something said about evolved beings moving on to the dimensions where they need to be for their ongoing learning.  This raised a question about whether these beings actually leave earth, and if so, where they go.

“Anonymous” asks, “Will all evolved beings leave? Will they go to a different planet? Will they keep the same human form once they leave? I searched the net for more info on this but little luck. Can you point me to some good sources where I can know more about this in detail? Thank you.”

There are many sources. There are many forms of information. We can learn and seek them all. But only those that ring of truth to you, within your being, should you keep. You live in a time when there are masters of information of every kind. But remember that they each seek their own truth. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is yours.

Overturn of souls is a time when there is an imbalance. It is what you see right now. It is a time in your physical world where there are a great many very evolved beings of high vibration. And a great many, who are new beings, of a less intense vibration.  They are not better or less, but things are just a little imbalanced right now.

On your earth it is a time of great chaos, where the very new will pick up arms and fight and battle instead of speaking, or teaching, or waiting. The very evolved ones, who have been here many lifetimes, will be the ones to wait and see. These are not always the best teachers as they often  prefer to allow the space for each being to grow. But when you have a great number of new souls thrashing it out, great chaos can ensue.

And so, what is needed now are the “middle aged” souls–the  teachers, the good politicians, the people who will stand in the middle between the warring factions. That is what we refer to as the overturn of souls. It is a mixed up, back and forth, teeter totter time of chaos and wonder. These are, as the saying goes, the best of times and the worst of times.  And this is your time now.

As to other dimensions, it is true. There are many dimensions of a reality that you are only beginning to glimpse. In your lifetime, you will know of some of these; you will see more and new science will be created.  A science that will fill the gap for what is called a para-science and it will have a reality. For you will have created ways to understand and see other dimensions, black holes, worms, all sorts of things that have been spoken about for eons. They will become truth. Keep seeking my dear, keep seeking it and your truth will be made known to you. As to whether you are in a different form for a different planet, of course you are. Different planets require different needs for  a being to adapt to  the physical domain. Do not worry about that now.

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  1. Anonymous February 28, 2010 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    I would like to know if I am coming to a plateau in my mountain and if not how can I make this happen. Please? Or should I prepare for more vertical terrain. I am ready to learn without such a steep climb. Thank you and much love,Zarah

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