Spirit awareness and mental illness


I am wondering if there is such a thing that you categorize as mental illness where people are schizophrenia or bipolar?  Just a better understanding or are we labelling people like that?


Oh, there are definitely illnesses of the brain and the mind, my dear.  And you certainly know the difference between a well brain and an unwell one.  They have no ability to care for themselves, or make choices that are healthy.  They often will seem to be unable to move forward. They are obsessed, or deciding to stay in one place.  Yes, dearest, there are many disorders of the physical body that can arise.

Are you wondering if this is a choice? Does a person choose to come in to have these things? No, not always.  Sometimes it is a condition of the world in which they be in. Sometimes it is a condition of someone they are connected with, or sometimes it is happening through a happenstance such as an accident, or perhaps a drug-induced state.   There are many conditions in your physical world that are not of spirit, but can be healed through spirit.

So, what does that mean?  It means if you open your heart to the understanding of the magic, the mystique, the wonder,that there is something there to help you.  It is like seeing your whole world instead of seeing half of it.  You don’t have to ever open up to spirit, but if you do, you will have an extra flashlight in your dark world.

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