Speak to your children of the importance of loving each other, Jane Kennard

Speak to your children of the importance of loving each other

My adult son and daughter had a fight some time ago and have not spoken to each other in months. Is there anything I can do to repair their relationship?

Yes—by telling them that it’s not acceptable, that they must speak. That love goes beyond ideas or physical thoughts or directions. That love is a bond stronger than any words. That truly they will only have one of each of them in their life. And that it is a very wondrous thing they have. Speak and do not stop speaking about it—that it is very important that they love.

Oh it doesn’t mean they have to accept and embrace the conditions of each other or live by their motto. But they must love; they must understand that that love exists even if they try to put layers and layers of conditions and old hurts over it. They do love one another, and you love them both. Speak openly, and never stop.



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  1. Kirsten June 2, 2015 at 9:19 pm - Reply

    I love this post. Too many families are dismantled over harsh words during arguments and old disagreements never spoken about. People stop speaking to each other and the situation never gets better. “Speak openly, and never stop” is such good advice; “love is a bond stronger than any words”, is just perfect!

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