Sharing equally in a mother’s estate

Rachel writes, “My dearest guides. A situation has come up with the death of my mother. She was a mean spirited person while alive and extremely hateful towards me and 5 sisters. I understand she is happy now but does not regret her behaviour. Even in death she was mean spirited. Some of my sisters and I wish to contest her will and have the estate shared equally. There are siblings who will not want this to happen. The principle is important, we can all use the money, but two sisters could really benefit from an equal share. May I please ask for your blessing in this pursuit, or guidance for a different path.  Thank you.”

Absolutely, my dear.  To stand up and speak for yourself is a very important thing for all of you.  It should absolutely be equal.  You all suffered equally and you should all have your say at this time.  It is not so much a monetary thing, it goes beyond that.  It is saying: I was not seen and I was not heard, but now I will be and I have a right.  And this is an important part of the physical world.

Do not let things continue to be rolled over you.  This is not your choice.  This is not right for you, or your siblings. It shouldn’t just be for one or another, male or female.  It should be equality for all, for all have suffered.  All have grown.  And it can be so my dear.

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